All Bolender Center and Johnson County classes are subject to change. KCBS reserves the right to cancel or change classes based on enrollment.

DRESS CODE: There is no formal dress code, but we recommend close-fitting attire that allows the dancer to move comfortably and receive proper instruction. Ballet slippers are required for ballet classes and tap shoes for tap classes. No midriff tops please. Recommended dance apparel stores are listed HERE.

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All classes listed include barre, center work and stretching.
Beginning Ballet

Designed for those with little or no ballet experience, this class will teach basic technique and terminology in a fun and positive environment.  The class includes stretching, barre work, and steps that travel across the room.

Intermediate Ballet
For dancers with some ballet experience, this class will offer longer ballet combinations while continuing to expand on terminology and technique.  This class will have a steady pace that will be fun and challenging.

Advanced Ballet
For experienced dancers, with knowledge of technique and terminology, this class will challenge you both physically and mentally.  If you are looking to further your technique, increase your flexibility and stamina, or focus on your performing quality, then this is the class for you.

*All ballet classes are 1.5 hours

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BeMoved® is a new dance wellness experience that shares the joy of dance with people of all movement abilities. The Warm-Up infuses breath and movement through choreographed, artistic sequences that activate core strength and balance while improving flexibility and coordination. The Genre section of class uses continuous, engaging dance combinations to inspire anyone from first-time dancers to professionals. Finally, the Cool Down brings your dance experience full circle, leaving you balanced in mind, body and soul.

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This class is an exploration of organic movement inspired by the dancer, choreographer and technique. Improvisation, floor work, story telling, and emotional vulnerability encompass this class. Ballet or modern technique is helpful, but not required; all levels are welcome.

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Participants will learn a wide-variety of fiery Flamenco dance steps, rhythmic hand clapping, and how to exude attitude. It’s the most cost-effective trip to “Spain” you can find without leaving Kansas City. (1 Hour; Medium Intensity)

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Hip Hop

This class is an exploration of the commercial, New style, jazz funk and lyrical hip-hop styles. This class also explores various styles and choreography per teacher. Wear your street shoes and get ready to sweat! (1 Hour; Medium Intensity)

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Filled with inviting and invigorating energy, each class includes a jazz warm up, technical combinations, progressions and choreography. (1 Hour; Medium to High Intensity)

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Pilates Reformer

This class is limited to 5 participants and is performed on the Pilates Reformer apparatus.  Expect to strengthen your entire body through a system that produces long, lean, flexible muscles.  Your posture will be taken to a new level.  The spring system on the Reformer allows challenge to be added or subtracted as you improve and progress.  The Reformer is both harder and easier than a mat class, in that it creates resistance while providing assistance to your movements so that you execute them correctly for maximum results.  Try this class out to achieve a ‘Pilates body’ which is similar to the appearance of a dancer’s body!  Since the Reformer was originally developed to help ill people, it is gentle and effective and can be used successful for all levels of fitness.

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Beginning Tap
Learn the basics of tap in a fun and friendly environment.

Intermediate Tap
This class will transition you from a beginner to an intermediate tapper. Pre-requisites include; knowledge and proper execution of the difference between a “flap” and a “shuffle”; the basic soft shoe, and confidence to move up to the next level. Class work will include various time steps and breaks; development into the more advanced soft shoe; heel and toe drops, paddle and roll.

Advanced Tap
This quick-paced class is challenging with a mix of tap styles: soft shoe, Broadway, and contemporary rhythm. Pre-requisites include: Time Steps (Single Rhythm, Double Rhythm, Triple Rhythm, Soft shoe, Waltz Clog and Military), Cramp roll, Paddle and roll, Riffs (4 count, 5 count, 6 count), Shim Sham. If you are not familiar with any of the steps above, with prior tap experience, you should be able to pick it up in one session.

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WERQ Dance Fitness is the wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on the hottest pop and hip hop music. The WERQout is nonstop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps, so you get the best sweat. WERQ Instructors build a playlist based on trendsetting pop and hip hop music. Each week new routines are introduced, so you get to WERQ the routines you know and challenge yourself with ones you’re learning. WERQ is an all-levels cardio dance class with a welcoming community made of dance fitness enthusiasts. Get ready to WERQ!

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