Tuition & Policies

2016-2017 Fees and Payment Schedules

A registration fee of $25 and first payment is due at time of enrollment.
10% sibling discount – Call KCBS for more information at 816.931.2299.

Tuition may be paid in full, by semester or by month.


Per Month
(Sept – Apr)
Per Semester
(Sept & Jan)
Full Year
Uniform Fee
(Includes a KCBS
Elevé Leotard)
CM/FD/PB $75 $300 $600 N/A
Level 1 $105 $420 $840 $50 – Optional
Level 1/2 Boys $75/$25 (if enrolled in Level 1 or 2) $300/$100 $600/$200 N/A
Level 2 $150 $600 $1,200 $50 – Optional
Level 3 $200 $800 $1,600 $50 – Optional
Level 4 $265 $1,060 $2,120 $50 – Required
Level 5 $320 $1,280 $2,560 $50 – Required
Level 6 $335 $1,340 $2,680 $50 – Required
Level 7/8 $340 $1,360 $2,720 $50 – Required


The full academic year is based on a 32-week formula. Breaks and holidays are accounted for in this formula and therefore tuition remains the same each month. There is no payment for May and the final monthly payment is due April 1.

KCBS highly encourages enrolling in our automatic payment plan. Tuition is withdrawn from the credit card on the due dates listed above.

Financial Policies

  • Payments must be made in person, by mail, or over the phone at the location where the student takes class. Acceptable forms of payment are check, credit card, or money order.
  • Personal checks or Direct Pay checks sent from the bank should include the student’s full name and class level. Checks may be mailed to the location where the student takes class.
  • A $15 late fee may be assessed to each individual student’s account if payments are not received within five days of the scheduled due date.
  • A $25 charge may be assessed for each returned check and a $15 charge for each declined credit card transaction.
  • Students whose accounts are deficient by two months will not be admitted to class until their account balance is paid in full.
  • Tuition must by paid in full by April 1 in order for students to participate in end of year performances.
  • Transactions are non-refundable.

Class Withdrawal

  • We ask that parents who wish to withdraw their children from our Children’s Program first consult with the Teacher. Parents who wish to withdraw their students from the Pre-professional Division should consult with the School Director prior to submitting a formal withdrawal.
  • Please contact the school at for instructions on how to withdraw. Withdrawal from a class must be completed by the 5th of the month. If this criteria is not met, the account holder will be held financially liable for the entire month’s payment as well as succeeding months until the withdrawal is completed.

Class Make-up Policy

  • Make-up classes must be taken within a month of the missed class. Make-up classes are not permitted in Studio classes or during Family Watch Week. The last date make-up classes can be taken is March 31, 2017.
  • Students may make-up missed classes in their current level or one level below at either location if space permits. To ensure availability, 24-hour advanced permission is required before taking a make-up class by emailing the School.
  • It is important for students to maintain good attendance in their own classes as too many absences may affect a student’s progress and future class placement.


  • During inclement weather, an official decision on the status of classes will be made by 2:00 PM. In the event that we do cancel classes, we will update our website, Facebook page and phone message accordingly. Otherwise, please plan to attend classes as normal.
  • KCBS uses the Kansas City, Missouri and Shawnee Mission, Kansas school districts as a guideline for weather cancellations. Please note that though districts may be closed during the day, circumstances may change that allow us to have regularly scheduled classes in the evening.
  • Please use caution, care and judgment for travel from your particular area.