Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a first time attendee? The following are answers to frequently asked questions about Ballet-going, designed to make your first trip to the Kansas City Ballet a pleasant one. Want to learn more about ballet? Visit our Dance Resources section for FAQ About Ballet.

please note new bag policy at the kauffman center

Any item carried into the Kauffman Center that is larger than 12 inches on any side (including clear bags) and backpacks (including string backpacks) are prohibited.

All bags and persons entering the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts are subject to search. Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts management reserves the right to refuse any item deemed a potential safety or security risk or with the potential to be a distraction to the event being held. For more information, click here.

Can I exchange my tickets?

Only subscribers can exchange tickets. All single ticket sales are final.  No refunds, exchanges or cancellations.

What if I lose my tickets?

We can have a new set waiting at the box office upon your arrival to the Kauffman Center. Call our box office at 816.931.8993 and a customer service representative will assist you.

What should I wear?

You don’t need to wear a tux or formal gown to attend the ballet! Most people consider a performance by the Kansas City Ballet to be a special event and tend to dress for the occasion, but wearing anything that makes you comfortable while attending the performance is up to you. Many people are dressed in comfortable business casual. Formal dress – evening gowns and tuxedos – are generally only worn to gala Ballet events.

What is Will Call?

Will call is an option to have your tickets held at the Box Office on Level 2 in the Kauffman Center, to pick up on your performance date. If tickets are purchased prior to five business days before the performance, please select the ship methods Print at Home or Mail My Tickets to prevent waiting in long Will Call lines.

May I bring my children?

All patrons, including children on laps, entering the theater must have a ticket. At Kansas City Ballet, we encourage young audiences to attend our shows assuming the program content is appropriate. However, it is strongly suggested that no babies or toddlers be in attendance. Many children over the age of five can remain happily and quietly seated for a two-hour performance, but you know your child best. Parents will be expected to immediately remove children creating a disturbance during the performance.

Where can I go before or after the ballet?

Downtown Kansas City has many restaurants, offering a wide range of cuisine, in every price range. Visit About Downtown KC for some ideas.

Are there elevators in the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts?

Yes, there are elevators located on every level. All levels are accessible to people with special needs. When ordering tickets online, please look for the seats that have the wheelchair or asterisk symbol or simply mark that you need an accessible seat when purchasing best available. You may also consult the Kansas City Ballet Box Office at 816.931.8993 to determine your best and most accessible seating options.

If I purchase parking in the Arts District Parking Garage, how do I obtain my vouchers?

If there is ample time, the Kansas City Ballet Box Office will mail your parking vouchers to you before the event. However, if you purchase parking the week of the performance, your vouchers will be available during box office hours throughout the week, or will be held at Will Call the day of the performance. We advise you to use the drop off lane on the North or South side of the Kauffman Center to obtain your parking vouchers from Will Call, then park in the Arts District Parking Garage.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

The Kansas City Ballet patron service representatives can help answer all your questions! There are two simple ways to reach us. Send us an email or call us directly at 816.931.8993. The box office is open Monday thru Friday, 9am-5pm, and Saturdays 11am-4pm on performance weekends. Our website always has the most up to date information. Calling the box office is the quickest way to get questions answered if you cannot find the answer on our website.

How long are ballets?

Most of our performances are around two hours and 15 minutes including intermission(s). The specific run times of each ballet will be posted on the performance page 2 weeks prior to the performance.

Are there provisions for people with disabilities?

All Kansas City Ballet performances are accessible to people with disabilities. When ordering tickets online, please look for the seats that have the wheelchair or asterisk symbol or simply mark that you need an accessible seat when purchasing best available. You may also consult the Kansas City Ballet Box Office at 816.931.8993 to determine your best and most accessible seating options.

Are audio aids available?

The Phonic Ear® Easy Listener FM Listening System, a wireless, portable sound enhancement system for the hearing-impaired, is available in the Plaza Lobby on level 2 at the coat check counter.

What about other noises — coughing, cell phones, pagers?

It is always best to turn off cell phones and pagers before entering the theatre. Noises such as a pager going off or a cell phone ringing are very distracting to the dancers, the musicians and your fellow audience members. Texting is distracting as well during a performance, so please refrain.

Coughing is an unavoidable problem. But, there are ways to help avoid coughing during the music. If you feel a cold coming on, please bring lozenges with you. The next step is crucial: unwrap them ahead of time. Unwrapping a cough drop during the music makes more noise than you might think. If there are no lozenges in hand and you need to cough once or twice, please try to wait for the end of the movement.

Are refreshments available?

Yes. Bars are open before the show and at intermission to purchase sweets and beverages including coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol. In order to make the most of your intermission, why not pre-order your drink before the show! Simply submit your beverage order before the performance at your nearest bar service and it will be ready for pick-up at the same spot during intermission.

What are footnotes?

Footnotes are interesting and informative talks that take place one hour before most Kansas City Ballet performances and are located in the Muriel Kauffman Theatre. Hosted by Artistic Director Devon Carney and often featuring guest artists, these talks provide information that will help you better understand and appreciate the program you’re about to watch.