New Moves

March 28-31, 2019
Michael and Ginger Frost Studio Theater | Todd Bolender Center for Dance & Creativity

An intimately intense dance experience.



New Moves, one of Kansas City Ballet’s most popular performances, showcases contemporary ballet in an intimate setting. This limited-run production gives audiences a chance to see tomorrow’s sought after choreographers today! It is a very up close and visceral experience for audience and dancer alike, with all performances held in the Bolender Center’s Michael and Ginger Frost Studio Theater. Come see our Kansas City Ballet artists and emerging choreographers discover bold new ways of expression and feel the athleticism, beauty, power and passion of never before seen dance creations!

Visit the Parisi Artisan Coffee station before the performance for a classic americano, latte or cappuccino. You also will want to try one of our decadent homemade cookies! This station will be available for sale one hour prior to each New Moves performance.

2019 Choreographers
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