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Article Date
DANCE REVIEW: Ballet opens season with recent works and new ‘Carmina’ 10/19/2019
Thank you, KC Symphony, for at last giving my special-needs son the music he deserved 10/13/2019
Kansas City Ballet Music Director Ramona Pansegrau 10/11/2019
“Carmina Burana” & Mime Intensive 10/7/2019
Meet KC Ballet’s music director Ramona Pansegrau, who fell in love with piano at age 4 10/5/2019
DANCE REVIEW: New Dance Partners at Carlsen Center 9/28/2019
KC Ballet Presents World Premiere of CARMINA BURANA 9/12/2019
Reading the Fine Print: Decoding What Trainee Programs and Second Companies Can Do For You 7/1/2019
DANCE REVIEW: Triple bill by American choreographers to close out Kansas City Ballet’s season 5/19/2019
DANCE REVIEW: With a single program, the Kansas City Ballet has altered the tone of the performing arts in our community 5/18/2019
DANCE REVIEW: Dark/Bright/Light: Kansas City Ballet season ends with energetic, eclectic works, including David Parsons world premiere. 5/11/2019
HUMOR IN THE MIX: KC Ballet nabs world-renowned local hero for commission 5/10/2019
Kansas City Ballet on KKFI 5/6/2019
KC Ballet closes season with 3 works, including a comedic piece by KC’s David Parsons 5/4/2019
Kansas City Public Schools students taking new steps to find success in life 4/12/2019
Kansas City Ballet Gets $100,000 From Hearst Foundations To Train Grade-School Dancers 4/10/2019
Learning Through Dance Moves 4/4/2019
DANCE REVIEW: New – and sombre – moves in Kansas City Ballet’s contemporary showcase 3/30/2019
200 Auditions, 1 Contract: Courtney Nitting’s Journey to Scoring Her First Professional Contract 3/8/2019
KC Ballet Presents NEW MOVES 3/6/2019
Kansas City Ballet’s New Moves Showcases Emerging Choreographers 2/27/2019
DANCE REVIEW: Suspension of Belief: Ballet presents Romantic-era tale of love and death 2/22/2019
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet: Septime Webre / The Wizard of Oz  2/19/2019
DANCE REVIEW: The Lady of the Camellias lives again in Kansas 2/16/2019
DANCE REVIEW: Can’t Buy Me Love: Kansas City Ballet’s “Lady of the Camellias” 2/17/2019
Emily Mistretta’s Valentine Debut with the Kansas City Ballet 2/15/2019
“Lady Of Camellias” on KKFI 2/11/2019
KC Ballet’s new season goes big with premieres of ‘Carmina Burana’ and ‘Celts’ 2/1/2019
How Three Ballet Companies Joined Forces to Bring The Magical World of “The Wizard of Oz” to Life 1/31/2019
Three ballet companies click heels for whirlwind, puppet-filled “Wizard of Oz” in Denver 1/25/2019
Segment 1: Kansas City Ballet’s first black Sugar Plum Fairy 12/18/2018
KC Ballet’s ‘Sensory-Friendly Nutcracker’ just one of many classical holiday treats 12/8/2018
Behind-the-scenes of ‘The Nutcracker’ 12/6/2018
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet’s The Nutcracker 12/3/2018
DANCE REVIEW: THE NUTCRACKER at Kansas City Ballet 12/3/2018
DANCE REVIEW: A Nutcracker in Wonderland from Kansas City Ballet 12/3/2018
DANCE REVIEW: KC Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’ will leave you speechless 12/3/2018
DANCE REVIEW: The NUTCRACKER at KC Ballet 12/2/2018
KC Ballet features first African-American ballerina in lead role for The Nutcracker 11/29/2018
Kansas City Ballet offers sensory-friendly ‘Nutcracker’ production this holiday season 11/27/2018
DANCE REVIEW: Choreographed version of Oz story bursts with visuals, stagecraft 10/22/2018
The Dance Enthusiast Travels to Kansas for a Photo Essay: Peeking into the Kansas City Ballet’s Exuberant Production of “The Wizard of Oz” 10/18/2018
DANCE REVIEW: Dorothy’s Back in Kansas 10/13/2018
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet’s The Wizard Of Oz 10/14/2018
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet Unveils a Spectacular “Wizard” Like No Other 10/13/2018
DANCE REVIEW: World premiere debuts at Kauffman Center 10/13/2018
The Kansas City Ballet’s ‘Oz’ Takes Musical Cues From Jazz, Disco, Glam Rock, Country Fiddling… on KCUR 10/10/2018
Wizard of Oz with the Kansas City Ballet on KC Live 10/10/2018
Michael Raiford | Becoming a Set Designer 10/8/2018
He’s loved ‘Wizard of Oz’ his whole life. Now he’s made it a ballet premiering in KC 10/6/2018
Septime Webre’s New “Wizard of Oz” Premieres at Kansas City Ballet October 12 10/5/2018
Reimagined classic ‘Wizard of Oz’ debuts in Kansas City area as theater, ballet 7/23/2018
DANCE REVIEW: PETER PAN at Kansas City Ballet Theatre 5/14/2018
Parrish Maynard’s must-have list 5/9/2018
Kansas City Ballet to Take Flight with PETER PAN  5/4/2018
‘Peter Pan’ will fly high at the Kansas City Ballet 5/4/2018
DANCE REVIEW: If you could read my mind 4/17/2018
BOLD STEPS: Ballet celebrates 60 years by challenging itself to new heights 4/2/2018
How One Kansas City Ballet Dancer — Among Many — Learns Balanchine’s Choreography  3/30/2018
Kansas City Ballet celebrates 60 years with sparkling premieres  3/30/2018
Confidence, laughter among benefits for adaptive ballet students (and instructors) 3/31/2018
10 Artistic Directors Share What They’re Looking For in a Dancer 3/21/2018
‘Wizard of Oz’ world premiere will kick off KC Ballet 2018-19 season 3/9/2018
DANCE REVIEW: KCB dancers, plus others, create New Moves 3/8/2018
The Future Of Dance Is Daunting, Which Is Why The Kansas City Ballet Risks ‘New Moves’ 2/14/2018
Kansas City Ballet Celebrates 60 Years of Dance 1/2/2018
‘Isn’t it something?’ A rarity in ballet, this KC ‘Nutcracker’ Snow Queen is black 12/13/2017
DANCE REVIEW: ‘Tis the Season for…The Nutcracker! 12/13/2017
Radio – Monroe Dodd; The Nutcracker; Glory Days  12/12/2017
DANCE REVIEW: For the young at heart  12/10/2017
DANCE REVIEW: THE NUTCRACKER at Kansas City Ballet  12/8/2017
How Ballet Has Impacted These Three Former Kansas City Ballet Ballerinas December 2017
The Nutcracker in The Hills Magazine Winter 2017
Jeffrey Bentley in The Hills Magazine Winter 2017
Young Jewish dancer loves opportunities with Kansas City Ballet 11/30/2017
After twirling into Washington, KC Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’ returns home 12/2/2017
What’s It Like to Be Clara in the Nutcracker 12/1/2017
A NEW CAROL: KC Rep creates more faithful adaptation of Dickens classic, as KC Ballet’s refreshed holiday favorite receives accolades 11/27/2017
Kansas City Ballet Takes Its ‘Nutcracker’ To The Kennedy Center In Washington, D.C. 11/22/2017
Company to Perform Reimagined “Nutcracker” at the Kennedy Center 11/21/2017
DANCE REVIEW: Holiday Comedy 11/24/2017
DANCE REVIEW: The Kansas City Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’ at The Kennedy Center 11/24/2017
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet’s Renovated ‘Nutcracker’ at the Kennedy Center 11/23/2017
DANCE REVIEW: A tidy ‘Nutcracker’ with all the trimmings 11/23/2017
BWW Interview: Theatre Life with Rachael and Ryan Nye 11/20/2017
KC Ballet leaping into the future with performances in Washington, D.C. 11/15/2017
Kansas City Ballet Announces Changes to 2018 Lineup 11/14/2017
Kansas City Ballet uses dance to help those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico 11/6/2017
Hello Atelier/Devon Carney podcast online (it is available to listen on iTunes, GooglePlay, or you can stream it from their website here.) 10/26/2017
DANCE REVIEW: EQUAL PARTS DANCE AND DRAMA: KC Ballet presents new version of durable classic 10/17/2017
DANCE REVIEW: Romance reinvented  10/16/2017
Diamond Ball grosses $476,000 for Kansas City Ballet 10/10/2017
KC Ballet’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ adds new character 10/7/2017
FROM THE PAGE TO THE STAGE: Carney’s R&J journey comes full circle with KC Ballet premiere 9/6/2017
DANCE REVIEW: IT’S ALL THERE FOR THOSE WHO SEE: KCB program shows breadth of American dance 5/19/2017
DANCE REVIEW: Choice trifecta 5/14/2017
DANCE REVIEW: With “Director’s Choice,” KC Ballet demonstrates versatility with 1940’s-era repertoire. 5/13/2017
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: KC Ballet takes on modern shocker
KC Ballet’s rendition of ‘The Lottery’ has a random twist for its dancers 5/7/2017
KC Ballet Spring Program Mines the ’40s for a Dynamic Mix 5/2/2017
KC in the spotlight for this year’s Dance/USA Conference 5/2/2017
Director’s Choice – Get the story behind the story at the Kansas City Ballet’s Belger Footnote Series 5/1/2017
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet Powers Through Difficult SLEEPING BEAUTY 4/4/2017
DANCE REVIEW: Once Upon a Dream 4/3/2017
DANCE REVIEW: KC Ballet presents opulent ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ in company premiere 4/1/2017
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet’s SLEEPING BEAUTY at Kauffman Center 4/3/2017
Meet The Woman Who Makes Tchaikovsky Danceable For The Kansas City Ballet 3/31/2017
Kansas City Ballet School To Be Honored At Youth America Grand Prix Semi-Finals In New York City, 4/7-14 3/30/2017
The Classical Beat: KC Ballet will awaken ‘Sleeping Beauty’ for first time with opulence and subtlety 3/25/2017
KC Ballet bringing “Sleeping Beauty” to the stage 3/15/2017
The Classical Beat: KC Ballet unveils ‘Wizard of Oz’ and new ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for its 60th anniversary 3/11/2017
Kansas City Ballet invited to perform ‘Nutcracker’ at Kennedy Center 3/8/2017
DANCE REVIEW: KC Ballet’s NEW MOVES Furthers the Evolution of Dance and Community 2/17/2017
DANCE REVIEW: New Moves presents thoughtful, engaging works from emerging choreographers and novices 2/17/2017
Arabesque aspirations: What’s it like to be a ballerina? 1/24/2017
Kansas City Ballet Recruits International Dancers, Breaks ‘Cookie-Cutter’ Mold 12/9/2016
DANCE REVIEW: THE NUTCRACKER at Kansas City Ballet 12/7/2016
These KC kids get all dressed up and adorable for ‘The Nutcracker’ 12/6/2016
DANCE REVIEW: ‘Nutcracker’ shimmers with outstanding sets, costumes, choreography, talent 12/6/2016
DANCE REVIEW: THE NUTCRACKER Hits All Its Marks at KC Ballet  12/4/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Enchanted classic  12/4/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’ is imaginative, beautiful and continues to grow 12/4/2016
The Kansas City Ballet’s international cast comes together to perfect The Nutcracker — again 11/29/2016
Behind the scenes of the winter classic “The Nutcracker” 11/29/2016
The Classical Beat: The tech behind KC Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’; ‘Messiah’ collaboration is ending 11/27/2016
How two talented dancers from Cuba found their way to Kansas City 11/26/2016
‘Nutcracker’ steps up to dazzle KC audiences again 11/15/2016
Tales From the Pit 11/1/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Midsummer Night’s Dream kicks off KCB 59th season 10/8/2016
DANCE REVIEW: A majestic open 10/9/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is enchanting 10/8/2016
Five Things To Know About Kansas City Ballet’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ 10/7/2016
Kelsey Hellebuyck on Her New Life at Kansas City Ballet 10/5/2016
KKFI Radio Segment – Kansas City Ballet’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” 10/2/2016
The Classical Beat: ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is a lift from the past for KC Ballet’s Devon Carney 10/2/2016
THOU ART TRANSLATED: KC Ballet presents full-length adaptation of Shakespeare comedy 9/29/2016
KC Ballet opens season with a lighthearted Shakespearian romp 9/29/2016
Setting the Agenda: KC Studio Talks to 8 New Top Players at Area Arts Organizations 9/6/2016
Celebrating Dance in Kansas City 8/23/2016
Making Dance Understandable To Everyone 5/17/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Ballet Blooms 5/10/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Four rites, one spring 5/7/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet offers a mixed bill of premiers 5/7/2016
Kansas City Ballet to Conclude Season with RITE OF SPRING, 5/6 4/16/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Company members showcase choreographic chops 4/13/2016
DANCE REVIEW: A variety of intriguing new work from the KC Ballet 4/7/2016
Devon Carney on KKFI talking about ‘New Moves’ 4/3/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet’s ‘New Moves’ is a showcase of creativity 4/3/2016
Kansas City Ballet to Discuss NEW MOVES Showcase, 4/1 3/26/2016
DANCE REVIEW: KC Ballet’s first full-length Swan Lake goes over gracefully  2/24/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Molly Wagner captivates in “Swan Lake”  2/24/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet creates a magical ‘Swan Lake’ 2/21/2016
DANCE REVIEW: KC Ballet equal to “Swan” 2/21/2016
5 Reasons To See “Swan Lake” 2/19/2016
Channel 2 / City of KCMO / Devon Carney and ‘Swan Lake’ interview (YouTube) 2/19/2016
Kansas City Ballet’s 2016-17 Season to Feature A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM & More 2/17/2016
Hard work makes Kansas City Ballet’s ‘Swan Lake’ look effortless 2/15/2016
Kansas City Ballet to present ‘Sleeping Beauty’ as part of its 2016-17 season 2/13/2016
Kansas City Ballet’s ‘Swan Lake’ Allows Dancers To Spread Their Wings 2/12/2016
Two Hearts That Beat As One: KC Ballet Presents its First Full-Length Swan Lake 2/10/2016
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet Unveils a New Nutcracker 12/22/2015
Take a Ride to the Kansas City Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’ in the 2015 Jeep Cherokee 12/15/2015
DANCE REVIEW: A ‘Nutcracker’ Reminiscence 2/7/2015
LOOK: Here Are Dramatic Photos Of The Kansas City Ballet’s New ‘Nutcracker’ 12/6/2015
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet’s reimagined ‘Nutcracker’ is elegant, fun and a bit chaotic 12/6/2015
DANCE REVIEW: Carney refreshes “The Nutcracker” 12/6/2015
Wellspring of Dance: KC Ballet Artistic Director Draws From Many Sources for New ‘Nutcracker’ 12/3/2015
The Kansas City Ballet unwraps a whole new “Nutcracker” 12/2/2015
Devon Carney updates ‘The Nutcracker’ for the Kansas City Ballet 12/1/2015
Visions of Sugar Plum Fairies 11/30/2015
Art and commerce: KC Ballet unveils new ‘Nutcracker’ 11/29/2015
Jewish dancers find holiday spirit in ‘The Nutcracker’ 11/26/2015
The Kansas City Ballet Retires Its 34-Year-Old Nutcracker, Rolls Out Dramatic New Version 11/23/2015
Customers find Kansas City Ballet tickets much more expensive on secondary websites 11/13/2015
Fresh Take on a Beloved Classic 10/29/2015
DANCE REVIEW: All for dance, and dance for all! 10/10/2015
DANCE REVIEW: Excellent cast, fun presentation featured in Kansas City Ballet’s ‘The Three Musketeers’ 10/10/2015
Kansas City Ballet’s ‘The Three Musketeers’ on KC Live 10/7/2015
Kansas City Ballet stages a testosterone-fueled ‘The Three Musketeers’ 10/4/2015
The KC Ballet Adds New Company Members 9/21/2015
Kansas City Ballet to Launch New Season with THE THREE MUSKETEERS, 10/9 9/9/2015
Kansas City Ballet blends a little danger with dance in season opener ‘The Three Musketeers’  8/30/2015
KC Dance Day on KMBC 8/30/2015
KC Dance Day on WDAF Fox 4 8/30/2015
Kansas City Ballet’s Summer Intensive is unlike any other 7/10/2015
Devon Carney’s artistic vision for the Kansas City Ballet soars on the Kauffman stage 6/3/2015
DANCE REVIEW: KC Ballet’s Spring Production Shows Off Its Contemporary Chops 5/15/2015
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet hits dance grand slam 5/11/2015
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet Performs DANCES DARING (THEN AND NOW) 5/10/2015
DANCE REVIEW: Ballet ‘Dance Daring’: Season ends with excellent presentation of mixed repertoire 5/7/2015
Arts Magazine Podcast – “Sticky Traps” & “Dances Daring” 5/6/2015
The Classical Beat: Kansas City Ballet steeps spring program in Balanchine 5/3/2015
Sense of Humors: Ballet Brings Top Stager to Set Ground-Breaking Balanchine Classic 4/29/2015
All the Right Moves – Kansas City Ballet’s Artistic Director Devon Carney talks about the local art scene, his ambitious plans for the ballet and his latest production, “Giselle.” 3/23/2015
DANCE REVIEW: Deception that Kills: Ballet Brings Classic Tale of Love, Betrayal and Apotheosis to Kauffman Center 3/21/2015
Kansas City Ballet Artistic Director Says ‘Giselle’ Is A Personal Experience 3/20/2015
DANCE REVIEW: “Giselle” is grand and graceful classic 3/16/2015
DANCE REVIEW: GISELLE Opens at the Kauffman Center For Performing Arts 3/15/2015
DANCE REVIEW: Kansas City Ballet’s ‘Giselle’ is enchanting classical work 3/14/2015
The Classical Beat: KC Ballet takes on the ethereal challenge of ‘Giselle’ 3/8/2015
She Dies, He Lives, The End: KC Ballet Seeks Inner Core of Problematic Classic 2/17/2015
Kansas City Ballet, “New Moves” 2/5/2015
Kansas City Ballet announces 58th season 1/28/2015
Kansas City Ballet will stage ‘Swan Lake’ and a new ‘Nutcracker’ in 2015-16 1/25/2015
KC Ballet ROAD program inspires students to relish dancing, learning  1/7/2014
Retiring A Classic, Todd Bolender’s ‘The Nutcracker’ In Its Final Year 12/21/2014
DANCE REVIEW: THE NUTCRACKER a Holiday Classic Runs at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center 12/15/2014
DANCE REVIEW: A fond farewell to Bolender’s Nutcracker 12/15/2014
Dance brings out the best in kids with KC Ballet production of ‘The Nutcracker’ 12/10/2014
DANCE REVIEW: Final bow for Bolender’s “Nutcracker”  12/9/2014
DANCE REVIEW: KC Ballet’s final run of Bolender’s ‘Nutcracker’ pleasing, vibrant 12/7/2014
PHOTOS: Take A Look Behind The Scenes Of Todd Bolender’s ‘The Nutcracker’ 12/4/2014
The Classical Beat: Beloved ‘Nutcracker’ production gets one more outing before it’s retired 11/30/2014
Nutcracker by the Numbers 11/30/2014
The Kansas City Star Photo Gallery – Nutcracker 2014 11/29/2014
Nutcracker Load-In (video) 11/24/2014
Devon Carney Interview on KCMO FM 94.9 (MP3) 11/19/2014
Newsome has sore muscles, new respect for ballet dancers after Nutcracker workout  11/19/2014
DANCE REVIEW: Wondering About ‘Alice’: KC Ballet’s Production is Colorful, Entertaining, and Just Plain Strange 10/15/2014
DANCE REVIEW: KC Ballet begins with a wild adventure 10/13/2014
DANCE REVIEW: ‘Alice’ an enjoyable fantasia 10/12/2014
DANCE REVIEW: Fantastical, fun ‘Alice (in wonderland)’ ballet gets Kansas City premiere 10/11/2014
PHOTOS: Jabberwocky Unleashed In Ballet’s ‘Alice (In Wonderland)’  10/9/2014

Let’s get weird: KC Ballet presents ‘Alice (In Wonderland)’


Alice (in Wonderland) makes her ballet debut

Wacky Wonderland: KC Ballet Opens Season with an Explosion of Color, Design and Dance 9/29/2014
Kansas City Ballet announces new artistic staff and company members 9/9/2014
Dance companies push the limits of human movement and expression this fall 8/21/2014
DANCE REVIEW: Dance to the Music: KC Ballet’s Cinderella Highlights Fine Dancing and a Deathless Musical Score 5/19/2014
DANCE REVIEW: “New Moves” knows no boundaries 5/14/2014
DANCE REVIEW:KC Ballet Ends Season With Family Favorite–Cinderella 5/13/2014
DANCE REVIEW: Fairy tales and footwork 5/12/2014
DANCE REVIEW: Elegant, comedic performances complement Prokofiev’s score in KC Ballet’s ‘Cinderella’ 5/9/2014
In Kansas City Ballet production, Cinderella’s middle name is ‘hope’ 4/29/2014
If the Slipper Fits: Ballet’s Cinderella Also Features Local Premiere of Essential Prokofiev Score 4/29/2014
Travis Guerin choreographs to his own music for KC Ballet’s New Moves 3/25/2014
DANCE REVIEW: Exploring Silence In Dance At KCB Choreographer Showcase 3/3/2014
DANCE REVIEW: Poised Between Story and Camp: KC Ballet’s ‘Dracula’ Impresses the Eye, Frustrates the Soul 2/28/2014
DANCE REVIEW: The KC Ballet’s Dracula is bloody convincing  2/25/2014
DANCE REVIEW: “Dracula” causes shrieks of shock and delight 2/23/2014
DANCE REVIEW: Dracula an enjoyable, if unlikely, subject for KC Ballet 2/23/2014
DANCE REVIEW: BWW Review: The Haunting Tale of DRACULA Comes to the Kansas City Ballet 2/23/2014
DANCE REVIEW: KC Ballet’s ‘Dracula’ a macabre, compelling production 2/22/2014
DANCE REVIEW: The Kansas City Ballet gets a season-opening lift from Devon Carney 10/12/2013
DANCE REVIEW: EMBRACEMENT OF RICHES: Ballet’s ‘state-of-the-company’ season-opener offers rewards 10/12/2013
DANCE REVIEW: Decadent start to KC Ballet’s season 10/12/2013
DANCE REVIEW: New director expands KC Ballet’s limits, expectation 10/12/2013