Current Contributors

Many thanks to the following individuals and charitable foundations for their annual and event support from August 1, 2015 through October 31, 2016.

* Nutcracker Ball or Sugar Plum Fairy Children’s Ball Contributor


Hall Family Foundation
Julia Irene Kauffman *
Kansas City Ballet Guild
Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation *

DIAMOND patron ($50,000 – $99,999)

Evelyn R. Craft Belger and C. Richard Belger *
Estelle S. and Robert A. Long Ellis Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Frost *
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Missouri Arts Council
Missouri Cultural Trust
Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts, Commerce Bank, Trustee *

PLATINUM patron ($25,000 – $49,999)

Arvin T. Gottlieb Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Illig *
William T. Kemper Foundation, Commerce Bank Trustee
Jonathan and Nancy Lee Kemper *
The Shubert Foundation
The Thomas and Sally Wood Family Foundation

GOLD patron ($10,000 – $24,999)

Stanley J. Bushman and Ann Canfield
Ann Dickinson and the Gary Dickinson Family Foundation *
Enid and Crosby Kemper Foundation
The Francis Family Foundation / Scott Francis
J.B. Reynolds Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Roger P. Jackson *
Jerome Robbins Foundation
Kao Family Foundation *
Dennis and Susan Lordi Marker *
Master Craftsmen Foundation
Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund
Oppenstein Brothers Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Porter *
George and Wendy Powell
Fund of The Kuehn Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sands *
Bill and Ginny Shackelford
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Shoare *
Sosland Foundation
Greg and Barbara Storm *
Sarah Ye

SILVER patron ($5,000 – $9,999)

Linda Lighton and Lynn Adkins, The Lighton Fund *
Vicki and Bruce Baxter *
Joe and Claire Brand *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bray *
Ally, Dr. Jessie Ng and Dr. Tom Curran *
Curry Family Foundation
The DeBruce Foundation *
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Elsberry *
Richard and Sue Ann Fagerberg *
in memory of Rose Wiltse
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Feiock *
Gary Dickinson Family Charitable Foundation *
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr. *
Beth Ingram *
Paula and Jack Rowe
John and Marny Sherman *
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Sirridge *
Vivian and Hymie J. Sosland Charitable Trust
Ms. Kathy Stepp and Mr. Howard Rothwell *
Annie and Rick Zander

BRONZE patron ($2,500 – $4,999)

John and Anna Allen *
Mr. and Mrs. Lowry F. Anderson Jr *
Mr. Erik Bergrud and Ms. Kimberlee Ried *
Lynne and Peter Brown *
Dr. Amy Carter *
Dr. Robert Claassen *
Vince and Julie Clark *
Copaken Family Foundation *
Kyle Danner *
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Downing *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Duffy III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fenske *
J. Scott Francis *
Steven and Lisa Glassman *
Susan and Zack Hangauer
Lisa Merrill Hickok *
Ms. Joan Horan *
Ingram Family Foundation
Dr. Karen M. Jordan
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kilbride
Kirk Foundation
Jason and Begonya Klumb
Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Lane, III *
George H. Langworthy, Sr. *
John and Marilyn McConnell
Edward P. Milbank *
Ms. Sherrill Mulhern *
Dr. Daniel and Rev. Jean Murphy *
Justin and Kathy Nemechek *
Barbara and David Nicely *
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nielsen *
Mr. and Mrs. John Nobles *
Judy Pfannenstiel and David Waxse
David Renner and Marilyn Salomon *
Cindy and Fred Rock
Gigi and Gary Rose *
G. Mark Sappington and David S. McGee, D.C. *
Marya and Kent Stallard
Jim and Michele Stowers
Jennifer and Bryan Wampler *
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Wang *
Keith and Margie Weber Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Whittaker
Jean-Paul and Heather Wong / Contract Furnishings

PATRON ($1,500 – $2,499)

Lillard and DeVette Ashley *
Herb and Susan Bastow *
Melinda L. and Tom E. Beal *
Cathy Bennett and Mike McGuire
Jeffrey J. Bentley *
Mr. Blair Bieser
Ron and Patty Bowen *
Dr. Tara Boyle *
Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Brandmeyer *
Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bubb *
Michael and Kirsten Byrd
Devon Carney and Pamela Royal Carney
Suzanne C. Crandall
Patricia and Don Dagenais
Steve and Cathy Doyal
Peggy and Terrance Dunn *
Samuel W. Edmunds Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fenske *
Dr. Fred D. Fowler
Ron and Tricia Fredman *
John R. and Ellen R. Goheen
Dr. Tatiana N. Graham *
Innes and John Hale
Mr. George G. Hans *
Henry Wurst, Inc.
Mary Beth and Hank Hershey *
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hunt *
Stratus Group LLC- Courtney and Peggy Jones
Mr. Burton Justice
Mr. Richard Katz and Mrs. Martha J. Katz
Kathy Kelly and Bryan Folk *
Bill and Regina Kort *
Gary Krings – Ameriprise Financial *
Jennifer Kreuger and Mitchell Stein *
Dr. and Mrs. John Leipold
Richard and Linda Lenza
Ms. Julie Lintecum *
Mr. Wayne E. Lippman
Mr. Daryl Lynch and Mr. Ruben Chacon
Elaine and Benjamin Mann *
Lynnly Busler Marcotte *
GD Mathey
Mark and Kandi McCasland Family Charitable Fund *
Mrs. Kelli McClure *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Merriman *
Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nash
Mrs. Tamara Oskvig
Ms. Susan Lynn Owings *
George and Suzy Pagels
Mr. and Mrs. William Parkerson
Ms. Margot Patterson
Melinda and Dave Petet *
Rick and Diana Poccia
Drs. Charles and Susan Porter *
Michael and Kathy Rainen
Ms. Cici Rojas
Matthew and Heather Ryan *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Schultz *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Steinberg
Ann and John Sundeen *
Rev. Paul Turner
The Lohn Weber Family
Pat Martin and Brian Wooley
Dr. Michael J. and Cindy S. Wurm

PARTNER ($750-$1,499)

Mr. Howard Barewin and Ms. Jennifer Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Beal *
Mr. Christopher Beal and Mr. Tim Van Zandt *
Joan and Bert Berkley / Blue Heron Foundation
Dr. Carol Blum *
Michael and Felicia Siragusa Bondi *
Dr. Christine Marie Boutwell
Robert and Pamela Bruce *
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Buer
Kay and Jim Calvert
Ms. Kim Casey *
Paul Christenson and Melissa Rosado de Christenson
Christopher and Megan Cribb *
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Curran *
Dr. Donna Davis and Dr. Charles Davis *
Dave and Dee Dillon
The Dlabal Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. David Embry *
Mrs. Amy Felton *
Mrs. Kathryn Francis *
Norman E. and Marilyn A. Gaar
Jean and Moulton Green, Jr. , The Westport Fund
Mr. Donald J. Hall, Sr. *
Phyllis Hart
Deborah Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Henne *
Hickok Family Foundation *
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Holst *
Roger Hurwitz
Mr. Brad Kleindl *
Marianne and Art Lafex
Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley *
Louis and Frances Swinken Supporting Foundation
Ms. Sherry L. Love *
Margaret E. Hurt Endowment Fund
Barbara Hall Marshall
P. Alan McDermott
Ms. Doris McLaughlin and Mr. Ron Mock *
Wendy and Patrick Melland *
John and Jacqueline Middelkamp *
Angela Miratsky and Charles Figas
Dr. Linda E. Mitchell
The Parmelee Foundation, Inc.
Alison and William Patterson *
Dr. and Mrs. L. Pemberton *
Sally D. Quinn *
Ms. Teri Rogers *
Wilda and Hal Sandy
Thomas and Betty Scott *
Mr. Zachary H. Shafran
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Siragusa *
Suzanne Shank and Martin Smoler *
Thomas and Sharon Soetaert *
James and Nancey Spaith *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Spilker *
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Starr
The Trudy Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Van Way III *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Virden
Sharon and Joseph Whalen
John and Karen Yungmeyer *

PRINCIPAL ($500-$749)

David and Jennifer Anderson
Mr. Ian Archer-Watters, in memory of Mr. Jack Watters
Roger M. Arwood *
Ms. Barbara Bridges *
Mr. Morrie Carlson
Krik and Tamara Carson *
Andrew E. Colom
Ms. Sara Cross *
John Duty, LTC Ret. and Julia Kirk, LTC Ret.
Joseph and Diana Eisenach
Ms. Barbara Eiszner *
William and Michelle Fasel *
Sally Firestone
Dan Flanigan
Ann and Douglas Ghertner
Penny and Dan Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Green
Heartland Combined Federal Campaign
Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Kimbrough Higgins
Sharon and John Hoffman
Ward and Julie Holmquist *
Lesley F. Holt
David and Diana Ice
Scott A Johnson
James and Jo Kelley *
Ms. Karla J Kelly *
David and Nancy Kenner *
Lyn and Spike Lynch *
Deana McClure
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moffat *
Sharon and Clarence Newbern *
Henry and Cara Newell *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parizek
Eastin Pecota *
Ms. Emily Pierzchalski *
Mr. B. Austen Plain *
Kevin and Jeanette Prenger *
Mr. Austin Lee Roberson *
Charles & Elizabeth Schellhorn * in honor of Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley
Ms. Penny Shand and Marissa Lyons *
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Sascha Taghizadeh *
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Webster *
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Whiteman *
Ms. Portia Woods *
Mr. Wayne Zetzman *

SOLOISTS ($250 – $499)

Mary and Gary Allen *
Ms. Robynn Andracsek
Sue Arnold *
The Aubel Family
Ms. Audrey Baltazar *
Ms. Christi Bartlett *
Ms. Stacy Basler *
Dr. Sol and Mickey Batnitzky
Dr. Grace Wisco Baysa-Ng *
Anne and Donald Belinger
Ilyssa Block, in honor of Kiki Merriman
Dr. Melissa and Mr. Allan Boyce
Richard and Patricia Bridgewater
Ms. Michelle Brockman *
Ms. Chelsie Buckner *
Mr. John Buckner IV *
Ms. Charlene Burnett *
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Campbell *
Ms. Sharla Cerra
Ms. Deanna J. Chan *
Mrs. Karen Chang *
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Chess *
Ms. Cynthia Lee Cordes *
Dr. Patricia Cox and Mr. Doug Law
Ms. Stephanie Cross *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dillon
Mrs. Laura Easter-Hayden *
Mrs. Amy Edwards *
Ms. Doni Edwards *
Mrs. Della Evans *
Ms. Hannah Fenley
Ms. Brittani Fire *
Mr. Michael Fisher *
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Fusco *
Jack and Trudy Kopf Gabriel *
George and Frances Gerritz *
Susan Gilmore and Barry Loughrige
Jacquelyn Golden
Gayle Gotcher
Edith and Keith Grafing
Mr. David T. Greis
Ms. Denise R. Guthrie *
Ms. Samantha Hall *
John and Bernice Hamra *
Ms. Jillian Harris *
George Helmkamp
Ms. Roxi Helphingstine *
Betty Henson and Family *
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hibbard *
Mrs. Anna Hockey *
Humboldt Sax
Ms. Joan S. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. James Ingle *
Ms. Margaret Jackson
Ms. Christina Johnson
Ms. Rachel Johnson *
Linda and Topper Johntz
Charles S. Joss, Jr.
Ms. Rene Kammeier-Harden
Mr. Patrick Kappelmann *
Mollie Keeler James, In loving memory of Lois and Elisha Keeler
Ms. Ann Kindred
Mr. Brian King and Mrs. Rachel Sexton *
Mr. Ricardo A. Kolster *
John and Carol Kornitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krumins
Nathan and Heather Lagergren *
Mr. Damian M. Lair *
Scott and Aubrey Langford *
Ms. Lauren Muriel-Marion LaPointe *
Ms. Jordan Lemay *
Mary Leonida *
Howard and Sharon Levitan
Ms. Tammy S. Mallen *
Mrs. Carol Ann Marr
Ms. Ashley Martin *
Ms. Francie Mayer *
Mrs. Kirstin A. McCudden *
Mr. and Mrs. Joey McLiney *
Mr. Mark E. McNeal Jr. *
Ms. Jennifer C. McQueen
Ms. Kathryn Mehlhorn *
Mrs. Abigail Miller *
Mrs. Beth M. Moylan *
Mrs. Jeri Murphy *
Mrs. Jennifer Dawn-Cook Newman *
Mrs. Renee Nibbelink *
Mrs. Debrah Nieman *
Mr. Trae Nunnink *
Bret and April Oberbroeckling *
Mrs. Deanae Ollenberger *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Neill
Mrs. Jill Pace *
Dr. Donna Pacicca
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Parelman
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Peppes
Adelaide and Braden Perry *
Timothy W. Peters and Joyce E. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Piper *
Ms. Margaret Porter *
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Pruitt
Mrs. Megan Riley *
Ms. Mallory Evan Engler Robins *
Ms. Lauren Rodriguez *
David and Amy Rose *
Ms. Jeri Rubino *
Ms. Susan L. Ryan *
Mark Schonwetter
Mr. James K. Seal *
Ms. Judith Smiglewski *
Mareta J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sorrell *
Ms. Janel Spaeth *
Mrs. Charla Stephens *
Thomas and April Stivers *
Ms. Harriett Ann Summers *
Mrs. Diana Sun *
Sven and Julie Sykes
Mrs. Tracey E. Vaeth *
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Votruba *
Ms. Pamela M. Walden *
Kyle and Jacquie Ward *
Mrs. Tammy Weddle Cunningham *
Mrs. Diana Weiss *
Mr. Nicholas G. White *
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Whitehead *
Mr. Brian Williams *
Matthew and Amy Wintersheid *
Raelee Wright
David and Rita Wristen
Sara Bower Youngblood *
Mr. Andrew Zaborny and Mrs. Karyn Clewes Zaborny *
Julie and Stephen Zanone

CORPS DE BALLET ($100 – $249)

Jane Abildgaard
Carolyn and Robert Adkins
Nick and Celeste Albert
Ms. Jennifer Albin *
Ms. Katy Alsobrook *
Ms. Rebecca Aurthur *
Mr. and Mrs. James Atwood
Elizabeth Barbour
Deborah Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Battey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Baumgartner
Marina Bell *
Mr. Ronald W. Bell *
Sarah Bent and Craig Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Berger
John and Cheryl Bester
Ms. Nichole M. Bishop-Abitz *
Mrs. Angela Blanks *
Howard and Lynda Boasberg
Mary G. Boomer
Mr. Larry S. Braddy
Bruce & Linda Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Branit *
W. R. Brazelton
Mrs. Polly Breitenkamp *
Mrs. Jessica Brickert *
Dr. Amy Brose *
Ms. Irina Brouhard *
Ms. Lynne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown *
Mr. Stephen Bruns
Ms. Gwen Brustad
Mrs. Pamela Buddemeyer
Sharon Butts *
Ms. Jane W. Carver *
Mrs. Kristine Casey *
John and Debra Chamberlin
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Claxton
Mrs. Courney Collado *
Ms. Melissa Combs *
Ms. Jill Comeau
Steven S. Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cooper
Ms. Sheri V. Copeland
Betty Ann Courtelyou
Ms. Rita Cortes
Mr. Anthony Crebbin
Eva and Bill Cummings
Daniel W. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cusser
The Dawson Family
Dr. Jennifer Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald DeVenuta
Martin and Mandy DeWitt *
Ms. Angie Diamond *
Barbara Dodson *
Mr. Kenneth Doll
BIll and Jo Anne Dondlinger
Mr. and Mrs. John Dorsey *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Driks
Ms. Dana Dunaway *
Rosemary Durkin *
Mrs. Carol Elmore
Ms. Rebecca Ericson
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Erwin
Ms. Sharon Euler
Ms. Beverly Lynn Evans
Mr. Alan Fairless *
Ms. Tammy Filley *
Ms. Lisa Fitch
Laurie and Rick Frawley
Mr. Doug Frye
Mrs. Janet Gatz-Bennett
General Mills Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Debbie Geraghty
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gill
Jeff and Carla Girkin
Stanley L. & Geraldine Goldberg Family Fund
Ms. Laurie L. Gonzales *
Ms. Rachael Goodrich
Jeanne Goslin
Mark W. Green
Mr. G. Douglas Greene *
Ms. Anita Toby Grow
Ms. Amy Guerich *
Mr. Kurt W. Gugler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Guillory *
Ms. Melissa A. Guirand *
Mr. Anthony Guzzo *
Mr. James M. Hall *
Mrs. Margit Hall *
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Hall
Elizabeth and Jeff Hargroves
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harken
Ms. Carol Harrington
John and Susan
Ms. Deborah Hawk *
Karen and Judy Haynes
Gina and John Hendren
Ms. Elizabeth Henry
Glenna Osborn and John Herigon
Ms. Dominique Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higgins
Mr. Gary R. Hisle, Sr. *
Bruce Hopkins and Bonnie Buchele
Ms. Gina Hull
William and Margo Humenczuk
Ms. Susan S. Hustead
Tom and Carol Hynek
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jacques
Patricia and Bernie James
Ms. Bonnie Jones
Pam Jordan
The Kansas City Rose Society
Ms. Sandra Lee Karr *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kauphusman
Ms. Charlotte Lee Kemper
Cheri and John Kendrick
Maureen A. Kennedy
Drs. John D. and Ann M. Kenney
Ms. Julie Klinghoffer
Andrea and Thomas Klingner
Ms. Sarah Knight *
John and Carol Kornitzer
Donna and Joel Krichiver
Dr. Joanna Kuecker *
Ms. Denise Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Langdon
Mr. James Laufenberg
Ms. Kathy B. Laursen
Ms. Kelly Lewis *
Peter and Ann Long *
Katie Lord
A. J. LoScalzo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard MacArthur
Ms. Patricia James
Gerald and Maria Magliano
Mr. Robert Mallow and Ms. Nema Frye
Carol and Stuart Marschall
Dr. and Mrs. Hal Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mathes
Mrs. Heather Maynard
Mrs. Michelle K. McDaniel *
Charles and Candace McDowell
Dr. Barbara McGrath
Mrs. Marylouise McGrath-Costantini
Mr. Larry McMullen
Ms. Sara McMurrough *
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan McNellis *
Ms. Lindsay Meyer and Mr. Corey A. Brunk
Ms. Danielle Michel
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Migneron
Mr. and Mrs. William Migneron, Jr
Ms. Pamela Sue Miller
Dr. Adrian Mohn *
Sharon Morse in memory of Bill Morse
Susan Mou
Ms. Nancy Mullins
Mr. Rusty Munyan
Ms. Valerie Murphy *
Mrs. Virginia Jennings Nadeau
Phyllis Naragon
Mrs. Christina Neil *
Marcy Nelson
Ms. Keeli Nelson *
Mr. Brent Never and Ms. Erica Clinton
Dr. Meggan Newland and Mr. John Henry *
Barry and Margaret Nickell
Dr. Don Nielson
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance L. Noland
Ms. Erin Nordgren *
Fielding and Janice Norton
Mr. Tim O’Halloran
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Osbern
Mr. Andrew Osman and Mrs. Deb Feder
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Padley
Mrs. Kathy Palafox *
Jo Beth Paradis and Bill Steeb
Elinore Penner
Mr. Matt Peppes
Ms. Sara Peppes
J. Chris and Kathy Perryman
Kathy Peters
Mr. Wesley Peterson
Mr. Bradley Petzold
Ms. Maria Pfeifer *
Sa Le Phan *
Barbara S. and Thomas M. Prater
William and Suzanne Raney *
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Raven
Brad and Roxanne Reimer
Marion and Barbara Reno
Mr. Godfrey Riddle
Ms. Mary Ashely Rimmer *
Ms. Micaela Rosales
Jack and Jean Rosenfield
Lindsey Rowe *
Mrs. Mary Lisa Sackuvich
Dr. and Mrs. George Saleh
Mrs. Lillian Y. Savoy *
Kathy and Donald Schilling
Marge and Bill Schlosberg
Drs. Patricia and Charles Schultz
Dr. Richard Schupp
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schwartzman
Mr. and Mrs. John Scott *
Michael and Anne Sheehan
David and Susan Shen
Debbie and Tom Sherrer
Jennifer and Greg Sherwood
Mr. Robert Short
Ms. Stacy Simmons *
Ms. Theresa Singer *
Kite Singleton
Pam and Gary Smedile
Ms. Jozanna Smith *
Mr. Paul Smith and Ms. Sandra Foley
Philip and Carol Smith *
Craig Sole and Wayne Long
William and Kathleen Stafford
Mr. Matt Sterling and Mrs. Lauren Thompson *
Ms. Lindsey Stine *
Ms. Kaite Mediatore Stover *
Ms. Erin Sullivan
Pamela and Terrence Sullivan
Deb and Tom Swenson
Ann and Frank Taylor
Ms. Diane Teal
Dr. Rana Tenorio
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Textor
Kurtis L. Thiel
Ms. Sonya Thomas
Dr. Thomas Thomas
Robert and Sandra Thompson
Ms. Kristen Thorpe
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Tingleaf
The Brad Tompkins Family
Mark and Sharon Tompkins
Dan and Karen Toughey
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tucker
Ms. Dena Tull *
Theresa Van Baale
Patricia and Paul Van Gorden
Mr. Victor Masquez Montes *
Margaret Vaughn
Ms. Heather Versfeld *
Mrs. Heather Walker *
Mr. and Mrs. Del Walls
Angie and Hadley Warwick
Mrs. Barbara Weary
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Weide
Brian Weith and Michele Hamlett-Weith
Lou and Gary Whittier
Mr. John Wilinski *
Diana Wille and Fred Spears
Ronald Williams
Mr. Andrew Williams *
Mr. Steve Wilson, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson
Mr. Doug Winters
Ms. Kim Wirths
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wiseman
Kathy Witherspoon
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Wollard
Richard and Debbie Wood
Lauren Wright – Lauren’s Limited Editions
Dr. Sonya Cornell Yarmat
Ms. Kerry Zavagnin *
Zhao Zhang and Li Liu
Mr. Merle Zierke *
Dr. Judith Zivanovic

FRIEND ($1 – $99)

Jarod Abel and Karlea Trautman
Mr. Larry Adrales
Teresa Allison
Tony and Sonja Alonzo
Rebekah Anderson
Mr. Greg Andrews
Ms. Patricia Araco-Ellis
Ms. MaryJane Arpin
Mr. Bill Foecke
Ms. Keri Bahun
Ms. Cherrie Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Ballentine
Ms. Jessica Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Bankston
Mr. Robert Baranek
Dr. James M. Barber Sr
Ms. Roxanne M. Belcher
Mr. James Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Berst
Mrs. Tishana Beyer-Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Beyer
Mr. Alexandria Bezek
Mr. Andrew Blackmore
Mr. Edward J. Boasberg
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Bodle
Ms. Katie L. Bohl
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Braden
Tim and Julie Brake
Mr. David Branham
Mrs. Rachel Bredemus
Jacques Bredius
Ms. Jamie Brown
Mrs. Kathleen A. Brungardt
John and Laurie Burgess
Holly and Michael Buser
Mr. Richie Butler
Ms. Kristine Cabalfin
Ms. Ruth Cain
Mr. Rich Caldwell
Ms. Sharon Carder-Jackson
Mr. Jerry Carpenter
Ms. Mary Carrier
Ms. Eloise Yvonne Carter
Ms. Laura Cashmore
Ms. Karen Cave
Ms. Bayley Cawthon
Ms. Susan M. Christian
Mr. Jeff Circle
Ms. Chandra R. Clark
Mr. Travis Clay
Mrs. Connie Cleveland
Ms. Penny Clodfelter
Ms. Kathy Coenen
Ms. Jo Cogburn
Ms. Lyn Coleman
Ms. Suzanne B. Conaway
Mrs. Laura Conde
Ms. Nancy Sue Cook
Ms. Christine Copeland
Dr. Ashley L. Copes
Ms. Lashawna Covey
Mr. Curtis Cradic
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crain
Ms. Marcie Crawford
Mr. Matthew Cross
Ms. Elaine Dalgleish
Mr. Thomas P. Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. James Daniels
Ms. Connie Davidson
Ms. Betty Devine
Ms. Adrianne Deweese
Ms. Judith Diamond
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Diaz
Ms. Cheryl K. Dittmer
Ms. Kathryn Dixon
Douglas Drake and Elisabeth Kirsch
Mr. Matt Bunting Draznik
Ms. Paige N. DuBay
Mary and Michael Duff
Ms. Brandi Duncan
Mr. Ryan Eatinger
Mr. Timothy S. Eddy
John R. Elbert
Ms. Barbara G. Elliott
Dr. Emily M. Enright
Ms. Erin Evans
Ms. Leah Finertie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Chainy Folsom
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Forsee ** SHOULD WE LIST AT ALL?
Ms. Brooke Foster
Ms. Claire Margaret Foster
Mrs. Bette Friedberg
Dr. Diane Galbrecht
Dale and Linda Gallaway
Ms. Ghadeer M. Garcia
Ms. Brenda Gast
Ms. Kim Gatchell in memory of Jane Pierce
Mrs. Pamela Gilberrt-Misner
Debra and Stu Goldstein
Ms. Gabrielle Gonzalez
Grandview Study Group
Mrs. Vanessa Green
Mr. Byron N. Greene
Ms. Gail Gregory
Mr. Nathan Haley
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Halloin
Mr. Lawrence Hamel and Ms. Lynnis Jameson
Don and Jane Hamerle
Ms. Laurie J. Hamilton
Mr. Dallas Hansen and Mrs. Diana Kirkland
Ms. Aileen Har
Ms. Jill Hardman
Mr. and Mrs. David Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Harris
Ms. Melissa Harris
Dr. Allison Hartnett
Mrs. Phyllis Hartwig
Ms. Caylie Hauseman
Jo and Bob Hayes
Ms. Lisa Rene Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Van Heady
Ms. Lauren Hedenkamp
Ms. Carla Heflin
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Heithoff
Mrs. Blythe L. Heits
Ms. Ashley Hendicks
Ms. Kristi Henley
Ms. Samantha Herdman
Mr. Derek Herman
Ms. Ashley Hershey
Mr. Justin Hershey
Ms. Samantha Higley
Roger and Donna Hinderaker
Mrs. Marilyn D. Hlavacek
Ms. Janene Hofbauer
Ms. Gay E. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Jonaathan Hoffman
Mr. Phillip M. Hornbostel in memory of Marjorie Hornbostel
Mr. E. J. Horne
Mrs. Shelly Rae Horner
Ms. Winnie L. Howlett
Mrs. Connie B. Hudson
Ms. Diana C. Hughes
Charles and Betty Hulse
Ms. Melanie Ickes
Adam and Celia Ingle
Carla Jenkins
Ms. Jennifer Johnson
Ms. Mary Gilles Johnson
Mr. Ryan Johnson
Ms. Sara Johnson
Ms. Tamara Johnson
Mr. Brian C. Jones
Ms. Christine Jordan
Ms. Sarah Kaminski
Mr. Aaron Kane
Jordan Karnes
Mr. Terrence Katzer
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kauffman
Ms. Kathleen Keairns
Mrs. Ann Jane Keeling
Ms. Carissa Keen
Ms. Betty A. Kelley
Donna Kelly
Ms. Barbara Kelly
Kelly Kelso
Mrs. Sarah E. Kendrick
Ms. Alexis M. Kenny
Ms. Carherin E. Klee
Jennifer Lynn Knight
Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. Koch
Ms. Marie F. Kocher
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Krusemark
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Kuhnke
Peg LaMourie
John Laney
Ms. Catherine Larrison
Ms. Sheri Lauber
Karen, Nikki and Molly Laughton
Ms. Alyson Laws
Ms. Bernadette Lee
Jill Lehr
Ms. Lisa A. Leonard
Miss Grace Lewis
Ms. Lyla Lindholm
Mr. Christopher Lingner
Ms. Nanette S. Lippincott
Ms. Melanie Lively
Thomas and Joyce Lohmeyer
Mr. Thomas Loy
Sharon M. Lundy
Ms. Alan C. MacMillan
Mrs. Catherine Malottki
Ms. Shirley Manka
Ms. Elizabeth Marcotte
Ms. Yolanda Marlow
Mr. David Martin
Ms. Michelle Martin
Dr. Datha Martinez
Ann Matthews
Mr. Christopher Mayfield
Ms. Kathryn McAdams
Ms. Rachell McAlister
Mr. Kevin McCannon
Jill McCarthy
Mrs. Darlene McCluskey
Ms. Brenda McDermott
Nancy McEntee
Mr. and Mrs. David McKelvey
Ms. Dayna Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer
Renee Meyer
Ted and Joyce Middendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Kraig Mikulich
Ms Deborah Milam
Ms. Amanda Miles
Mr. Jacob Miller
Kerry and Robert Miller
Ms. Teresa Moe
Ms. Deborah Moeller
Mr. Frank Morris and Mrs. Laura Spencer-Morris
Ms. Judy Mullen
Mrs. Charlotte Mullin
Mrs. Laura Murbach
Ms. Dana Nebeker
Ms. Ginger Nedblake
Rob and Mandy Neddo in honor of Kiki Merriman
Ms. Sally Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Nerman
Mr. and Mrs. John Nestor
Dr. Patricia J. Neubauer
Mr. Zack Newcomb
Mrs. Janet Newhouse
Mr. Ramon E. Newman
Ms. Joann Nguyen
Mr. Josh Nichols
Ruben Noguera and Dagney Velazquez
Ms. Mary Nolan
Ms. Martha Noland
Dean and Jan Nowowiejski
Ms. Karin Nutt
Lynne and Erik Nye
Ms. Ayssa Oliveras
Ms. Linda Osborn
Mr. and Mrs. Jed Ost
Lt. Col. Robert L. Owens
Mr. Joshua Page
Mr. Edgar Palacios
Ms. Gail Panto
Betsy and Geoff Parker
Ms. Rita F. Parsons
Ms. Willa Patterson
John and Pamela Peck
Ms. Wanda Ruth Perkins
Ms. Jacqueline Perlman
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Perna
Mr. and Mrs. John Peryan
Ms. Nicole Pettegrew
Ms. Amelia Phillips
Kate and Allen Pickert
Ms. Holly Pippin
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Pittman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pitts
Mr. Clint R. Povich
Mr. Mark J. Powers
Steve and Kristin Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Raggett Jr.
James and Susan Ralston
Mrs. Tracy Ramsey
Ms. Megan Reed
Mr. Kyle A. Reppert
Ms. Brooke Reymond
Patty and Cliff Rice
Ms. Connie L. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. David Roberts
Ms. Paula Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Ronan
Ms. Jessi Rucker
Ms. Demetra Salisbury
Mr. Steven L. Sanders
Mr. Cliff Schiappa
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Schmidt
Mrs. Kimberly Scott
Mr. Paul Jacob Seiz
Ms. Gaye Sharp
Ms. Irina Shields
Ms. Emily Shipman
Ms. Melissa Shriver
Ms. Jessica Dawn Shumaker
Dan and Lesley Siegfried
Ms. Kathleen Sigler
Mr. Joel Skelley
Ms. Bethany Smith
Ms. Sandra A. Smith
Thomas and Elizabeth Smith
Ms. Vicki Lynn Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Sotos in honor of Kiki Merriman
Mr. Gerron Spaulding
Ms. Carissa Stanton
Mr. Alan Staples
Dr. and Mrs. James Steffen
Mr. Gary Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Stevenson
Mr. Dean Stransky
Stephen and Mary Stringer
Ms. Sydney Styhl
Mr. Kristopher Swearingen
Sylvia Swift
Ms. Elaine Symanski
Mr. Howard W. Taylor
Ms. Charlene Thompson
Mrs. Kimberlee Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson
Thomas and Nancy Thornhill
Mr. Logan A. Tierney
Ms. Sherry Toomey
Ms. Jan Totero
Mrs. Amy Trettel
Mr. Manny Trillo
Mr. Dale Vanzandt
Ms. Ellen Vap
Ms. Amanda Root Vavricek
Ms. Candy Vezendan
Ms. Veronica Viegra
Mr. Kris Von Fossen
Charles and Patti Wagner
Mr. Mark Walberg
Ms. Christine Waldschmidt
Mr. Alicia Walliser
Robert and Jayne Walters
Dr. Karen A. Wambach
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Watson
Ms. Kathryn Waugh
Mr. Dan Weeks
Mr. Doug Weinbrenner
Dr. Aaron Wissenfluh
Mrs. Patricia E. Welicky
Ms. Katie Wells
Ms. Joy Wheeler
Mr. Chad White
Mr. David White
Ms. Pamela White
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wickstrom, Jr.
Ms. Brooke R. Wilbur
Ms. Shannon Wilkinson
Ms. Christina Williams
Ms. Jacqueline Williams
Ms. Sheri Anne Williams
Mrs. Sara Romayne Willimon
Ms. Nancy Willis
Randy and Johanna Willis
Ms. Christina Wills
Mrs. Charlene Wilson
Ms. Eva Wilson
Dean and Sherri Wingard
Mrs. Jessica Winston
Ms. Ellen Withrow
Mr. Alex Workman
Mr. Kenneth Worley
Mr. Houston Worth
Mr. John Yatsook
Ms. Marva York
Ms. Donna Lee Young
Ms. Rebecca Young
Mrs. Iryna Yzon
Ms. Candice Zullo