Guild Board

President – Gigi Rose
President Elect – Susan Meehan-Mizer
Vice President – Melissa Bondon
Immediate Past President – Mark Sappington
Treasurer – Susan Meehan-Mizer
Recording Secretary – Melissa Bondon
Corresponding Secretary – Francie Mayer
Membership Vice President – Juliette Singer
Special Projects Vice President – Bianca Mulloy
Cast Party – Donna Davis
Dancer Gifts – Craig Sole
Education & Engagement Vice Presidents – John and Angela Walker
Marketing/PR Vice President – Donna Davis
Marketing/PR-Photography – Sara Bower Youngblood and Mary Beth Hershey
Marketing/PR Social Media – Regina Klepikow
Social Activities Vice President – Melissa Cooper
Social-Fall Luncheon – Megan Bubb Cribb
Social-Nutcracker Luncheon – Susan Bubb
Social-Spring Lunch/Annual Mtg – Peggy Beal
Social-Kick Off Party – Jo Anne Dondlinger
Social-Meetings – Jane Webster
Social-Movie Night – Mark Sappington and Lisa Sirridge
Boutique Manager – Melissa Cavanaugh-Staff (not elected)
Boutique-Pricing Party – Laura Berry and Kathy Nemechek
Archives Vice Presidents – Jean Murphy and Lisa Merrill Hickok
Governance Chairman – Siobhan Lesley
Gala Vice Presidents 2017 – Melanie and Mike Fenske

Guild Advisors

Vicki Baxter
Lisa Glassman
Melinda Petet
Kimberlee Ried
Barbara Storm
Jane Webster
Sharon Whalen