Online References

American Ballet Theatre Online Dictionary
This website contains over 700 ballet and dance terms with video clips of dancers demonstrating technique.

Arts Edge
This website is sponsored by the Kennedy Center and is a comprehensive resource of arts-based teaching materials and curriculum. You have the ability to search by subject area, grade level, or art form to personalize your interests, and the format is printable and easily adaptable for any classroom.

Cyberdance – Ballet on the Net

Dance Help – Dance Photos, Articles and Dance Forums
Dance Help is a free online guide for today’s dance student and performer offering advice, news, dance tips, articles, a dance chat forum and much more!

Dance Magazine
Dance Magazine is the number-one publication about dance. The magazine contains articles about the dance world and school guides. The website has video clips from major dance companies across the United States.

Pointe Magazine

Sapphire Swan Directory
The Sapphire Swan website is a guide to all the dance resources available on the internet. It lists all different styles of dance and where to study them.

Book References

Edwin Denby
Dance Writings by Edwin Denby
Dance Writings & Poetry by Edwin Denby, Robert Cornfield ed.
Looking at the dance by Edwin Denby
Dancers, buildings and people in the streets by Edwin Denby
The Complete Poems by Edwin Denby
Aerial: A Collection of Poetry by Edwin Denby
Mrs. W’s last Sanwich: a romance by Edwin Denby
Miltie is a hackle: a libretto by Edwin Denby, Rudy Burkhardt, Kenward Elmslie
Snoring in New York by Edwin Denby

Arlene Croce
Writing in the Dark, Dancing in the New Yorker: An Arlene Croce Reader by Arlene Croce
Afterimages by Arlene Croce
The Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers book by Arlene Croce
Sight Lines by Arlene Croce
Going to the Dance by Arlene Croce

Deborah Jowitt
Jerome Robbins: His Life His Theater, His Dance by Deborah Jowitt

Jennifer Dunning
Alvin Ailey: A life in Dance by Jennifer Dunning
But First a School by Jennifer Dunning

Agnes De Mille
Dance to the Piper by Agnes De Mille
Martha: The Life and Work of Martha Graham by Agnes De Mille
Life into Art: Isadora Duncan and Her World by Doree Duncan ed, Agnes De Mille (Designer) Cynthia Splatt Editor
Speak to Me, Dance with Me by Agnes De Mille
The book of the dance by Agnes De Mille
Portrait Gallery by Agnes De Mille
And Promenade Home by Agnes De Mille
Reprieve: A Memoir by Agnes De Mille
Where the Wings Grow by Agnes De Mille
America Dances by Agnes De Mille
Lizzie Borden: a dance of death by Agnes De Mille
To a Young Dancer by Agnes De Mille

Vaslav Nijinsky
The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky by Vaslav Nijinsky

Tamara Karsavina
Theatre Street by Tamara Karsavina

Erik Bruhn & Lilliam Moore
Bournonville and ballet technique; studies and comments on August Bournonville’s Études Chorégraphiques by Erik Bruhn, Lilliam Moore

Diane Solway
Nureyev: His Life by Diane Solway

Daniel Nagrin
How to Dance Forever: Surviving Against the Odds
by Daniel Nagrin
Choreography and the Spacific Image: Nineteen Essays and a Workbook by Daniel Nagrin
The Six Questions: Acting Technique for Dance Performance by Daniel Nagrin

Twyla Tharp
The Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it for Life by Twyla Tharp
When Push Comes to Shove: An Autobiography by Twyla Tharp
Bob and Me: An Anatomy of a Dance by Twyla Tharp

Bernard Taper
Balanchine by Bernard Taper

Toni Bentley
Holding on to the Air: An Autobiography by Suzanne Farrell, Toni Bentley
Winter Season: A Dancer’s Journal by Toni Bentley
Sisters of Salome by Toni Bentley
Costumes by Karinska by Toni Bentley, Lincoln Kirstein and Edward Gorey

Allegra Kent
Once a Dancer: An Autobiography by Allegra Kent

Doris Humphrey
The Art of Making Dances by Doris Humphrey

Jacques d’Amboise
I Am A Dancer by Jacques d’Amboise