Joined KCB in 2018

Nicholas Keeperman began his ballet training at age 9 with Main Street Dance Academy in his hometown, Wilmington, Illinois. Mr. Keeperman has trained and performed with academies across the United States. He has created, staged and debuted original choreography in collaboration with the American Festival for the Arts and danced lead roles in a variety of performances. Nicholas’s noted roles include those of Prince, Snow, and Cavalier in the Nutcracker, Romeo in Romeo & Juliet, Blue Bird in Sleeping Beauty and Basilio in Don Quixote. He has also danced in Stanton Welch’s Nutcracker, A Dance in the Garden of Mirth and The Long and Winding Road. He has trained under the leadership of Nutmeg’s Victoria Mazzarelli, Eleanor D’Antuono, Alexi Tchernichov, Denise Limoli and Houston’s Andrew Murphy and Claudio Munoz. This is Mr. Keeperman’s first year with Kansas City Ballet.

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