Give It A Try: Absolute Beginner Ballet Workshop

Natalie Fama, Kansas City Ballet’s receptionist, will be trying out our Absolute Beginner Ballet workshop in September (Fridays 5:30-7 pm). Natalie has no experience taking any form of dance, but is eager to learn. Read below to hear more from Natalie on why she’s taking on this challenge.

Natalie Fama, KCB Receptionist

Q: What made you decide to try the Absolute Beginner Ballet course?
A: I have worked at the Kansas City Ballet for two years now, but crazily enough have never taken a ballet class. My dance background is little to non-existent, so jumping right into a Studio Division class seemed a little intimidating. I think the Absolute Beginner Ballet Workshop will be a great introduction to the basics of ballet.

Q: What background knowledge do you currently have regarding ballet?
A: Not a lot! I am familiar with numerous ballet terms from hearing them around work, but just knowing how to say ‘pas de bourrée’ or ‘tour jeté’ doesn’t count for much. Having observed our professional company and students in rehearsals and performances, I know that ballet requires discipline and dedication, but is very rewarding. 


Q: What are you most looking forward to in the class?
A: I am excited to dive in and try something totally new. It will be both a mental and physical exercise, but I am up for the challenge. 

Q: What are you hoping to accomplish by taking this course?
A: Ultimately I want to learn more about this art form and have a fun time doing so. I hope (and am confident!) that upon completion of this workshop, I will also feel comfortable taking any of the Beginning Ballet Studio Classes that KCB offers. 

If you are interested in joining Natalie on this adventure, contact KCB School at 816.931.2299 to sign up for the Absolute Beginner Course today! It’s a four week course on Fridays in September (5:30-7 pm; $70 for all four classes), it will give you the confidence to be able to jump in on our beginner ballet weekly Studio class.

Join Us for the 3rd Annual KC Dance Day!


Our 3rd Annual KC Dance Day will be taking place on Saturday, August 24! Hundreds of people will flood the hallways and studios of the Bolender Center to take FREE dance classes and watch FREE performances all day long!

From 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. this event will offer a variety of classes for kids and adults of all ages. From Zumba, Yoga, and Ballet to creative movement and pre-ballet for younger children, we provide something for everyone.


Pre-registration is encouraged, and is available online.

You also will be able to take world dance classes from the very performers you’ll see live in our Michael & Ginger Frost Studio Theater! Irish, Spanish, Indian and Hawaiian are just a few of the cultures that will be represented. You can find a more detailed list of cultures and times of performances and classes on our website.

The day will conclude with an exhibition by the company dancers of Kansas City Ballet, followed by a brief autograph signing! You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to meet our professional dancers along with our new Artistic Director Devon Carney and pick up your FREE 2013-2014 KCB Season Poster!


We welcome everyone to come at 9 and stay all day, and to help with that, there will be food trucks outside of our building for you to purchase food. The trucks will be outside of the Bolender Center roughly between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (subject to change).

This event is sure to be a great time, and we hope to see you all there! Be sure to come early, as we’ll be giving away free goodie bags to a select number of people! Be sure to check out the video below and see for yourself what KC Dance Day is all about!


Pilates Reformer

If you’re searching for a way to strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, balance your body or simply to stay in shape, Pilates Reformer could be your answer. EMS_2443

Pilates Reformer is a specific piece of equipment designed to assist in different Pilates exercises. It can be beneficial to people of any age, work out level, or body type.

KCB has a room dedicated to this form of strengthening exercise. We own 5 Pilates Reformer machines along with other pieces of equipment that provide a variety of ways to exercise different muscles in the body.

Listed are just a few of the many benefits (Source:

  • slender and longer muscles
  • slimmer hips
  • firm abdominals
  • increased flexibility
  • correct postures
  • better mind-body coordination

In the video below, KCB Company Dancer Josh Spell, also a certified Pilates Reformer instructor, demonstrates how to use the equipment and how you can benefit from it.


Don’t forget, KCB offers open Pilates Reformer classes which provide virtually personal training, with the maximum of 5 students allowed per class. We also offer private and group session as well. Click here for more info!