Teacher Profile: Marcus Oatis

Marcus Oatis is the manager for Kansas City Ballet School’s Johnson County Campus and is also one of our teachers. He was a dancer in the KCB Company for five years before making the transition into the administrative side of the dance industry. Read below to find out more about Marcus!

Q: When did you start taking dance classes and how did you get involved?
A: I started taking dance through an educational outreach program that introduced students to dance in public schools. After the workshop, they asked me if I would continue dancing with them. From there the sky was the limit.

Q: Did you take part in any Summer Intensives throughout your training?
A: When I was younger I went to the Ailey School and in college I went to Kansas City Ballet’s Summer Intensive.

Q: Tell me about your dance career before you came to Kansas City Ballet.
A: Kansas City Ballet was my first full time professional job. Before coming to KCB I danced throughout Nebraska performing with community groups and small “pick-up” companies. Basically, I took every opportunity to perform regardless of how much it paid.

Q: You were with the KCB Company for five years, what made you decide to go into Ballet Administration?
A: I chose this path because it really highlights the different experiences that I have had. Before joining KCB, I worked at a variety of places, which I enjoyed very much. I wanted to do something where I could merge all of my passions into one position.

Q: Do you have the opportunity to teach any of the classes? Do you still take dance classes yourself?
A: Yes, I am a member of the teaching faculty at KCBS. The majority of my time is directed towards the upper school students but I will occasionally make an appearance in the lower school. I have not taken a class yet. I am currently trying to find a different way to challenge myself. I am thinking about training for a marathon…I can’t decide!

Inspiring Student Dancers


Last Friday was our final day of KCB’s 2012 Summer IntensiveJohn Gardner and Amanda McKerrow were two of our guest faculty and are former dancers with American Ballet Theatre. Last week we sat down and talked with them about their passion for dance and what they’d hoped to instill in their students during their time here. Watch the video clip above to hear more!


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