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Dancers Jody Anderson & da Dong Hu in Flowers in fall 1991.



Choreography: Alvin Ailey
Music: Pink Floyd, Blind Faith, Janis Joplin

In 1971, just one year after Janis Joplin's death, Alvin Ailey expressed his empathy for the talented, tragic superstar by interweaving his own compelling choreography with the music of Pink Floyd and Blind Faith.  Flowers chronicles the roller coaster ride of Janis' life, from fame and star status to drug addiction and death.  No longer part of the repertory of Alvin Ailey's American Dance Theater, it is up to State Ballet of Missouri to preserve this unique and vibrant ballet.  Todd Bolender, Artistic Director of State Ballet, has called it one of Alvin Ailey's best works.

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