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Photo Gallery

Groundbreaking for the Bolender Center took place on November 13, 2009. Construction began that same year and we regularly document progress through photos.

Albums below contain some special shots, including renderings from BNIM Architects and our Topping Out event. You'll also find albums of construction activity, arranged in reverse chronological order.








Construction June 2010
The month of June was all about concrete. As crews below continued to chip away at the existing concrete on the main floor of the building, crews above focused on pouring concrete for the Texas Skylight. It will take nearly two months to demolish the solid concrete slab and lower the main floor of the new building by 12 feet. The time-consuming job of restoring the brick around the entire building continued.


Construction March 2010
In March, all the windows and asbestos were removed. In early April, construction workers began setting the molds and pouring the new retaining walls for the north side of the building. They also removed the Texas skylight, which will be replaced.