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  Dancers Stayce Camparo and Marcus Oatis. Photographer Steve Wilson.

Splendid Isolation III
Choreography by Jessica Lang
Music by Gustav Mahler
Costume Concept by Jessica Lang
Costume Design by Elana Comenador
Original Lighting Design by MK Stewart
Lighting recreated by Kirk Bookman

Splendid Isolation III, a romantic duet set to Mahler's Adagietto from his 5th Symphony, is the third version of the original piece entitled Splendid Isolation. The original inspiration for this creation came from the life of Gustav Mahler and his wife Alma. In their story, Mahler asked Alma to give up her career as a composer before he would marry her.

World Premiere: August 7, 2007, NBA Ballet Company, Tokyo, Japan

Kansas City Ballet Premiere: October 15, 2009, Lyric Theatre


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